20|20 Employees Investing in Children


Screenshot 2014-12-30 20.40.17Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Teach a child to think and you change a nation.

In 2014, the employees and friends of 20|20, did many good things through the 20|20 Doing Good Initiative.  They volunteered for a cure to heart disease, walked for breast cancer, wrote Christmas cards to soldiers overseas, even donated socks to the homeless.  I’m proud of all these things.

I’m also very proud of the impact they are making on the future of the island nation of Haiti through their support of The Joseph School.  This year 20|20 employees donated clothing, medicine, diapers and other supplies that the poor and orphaned children of Haiti cannot afford.  Eight of us traveled to Haiti in June to see firsthand the work that needs to be done and to better understand the vision of The Joseph School.

As the year winds down, The Joseph School produced a slideshow of its activities in 2014.  We thought you might want to see it and get a glimpse of why we are so excited to be supporting this dream.  We want to help those who are most vulnerable today grasp the opportunity to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Doing good is not proprietary.  Good can’t be patented.  For good to blossom, it must be shared.  Click here then click on the picture to view The Joseph School’s slideshow.  Let us know if you would like to join us.  What will you do to change the world in 2015?


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