The Internet: It's Not Just Information Anymore

The world wide web is gaining on television as American’s entertainment venue of choice.  The Conference Board released its quarterly Consumer Internet Barometer showing that 25% of American households watch TV online.  This is up from 20% a year ago. is gaining ground quickly with collections such as “The Office,”  “America’s Got Talent,” and “Saturday Night Live.”  The report also states that 80% of consumers log on to the Internet daily for entertainment as well as communication and work.  You can see the press release at:

The implications for qualitative research are numerous.  Here are a few:

  1. Advertisers will continue to flock after consumers and will continue to transition to the Internet.
  2. Research will follow advertisers and become more Internet based.
  3. Consumer technology becomes more capable with online video enabling additional use of video for online research and face to face research.
  4. Online research becomes more natural for participants and clients.  It also becomes more necessary to match the research design to the medium.


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