Slow Research Often Leads to No Research

“The two reasons we don’t do more research projects are budget and speed,” said a senior research manager in a recent interview. She went on to explain that decision timelines are simply too short for any type of research.  Often these decisions are made without research simply because the research process takes too long. How many research projects don’t happen simply because there was not enough time? How many decisions go bad because the research could not be done? No one really knows.

This senior research manager joined the chorus of others who extol the virtues of communities simply because communities allow them to get a quick understanding of new product concepts and other issues when the research team simply has no time. Communities provide some research where none was available before.

Online quantitative research has risen to the occasion by providing faster and faster turnaround for surveys. But even it has been slow to the party, insisting on two-week turnarounds for research followed by the research event then an in-depth analysis. Qualitative has simply not adapted very well.

This week 20/20 Research introduced QuickQual Turbo, a 7-day qualitative service utilizing its QualBoard bulletin board focus group platform. We squeezed the recruiting process to provide high-quality respondents and an in-depth qualitative discussion along with a new way to do analysis.

Speed will continue to drive decisions. How will we as an industry respond? Will we adapt or will we become irrelevant?

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