Mobile Research Fastest Growing Segment, Says New Survey

The results are in from the 2010 Globalpark MR Software Survey by meaning, and all signs point toward mobile qualitative research as having a bright future. For the first time in the survey’s seven-year history, respondents, who comprise a sample of 200 market research companies from North America, Europe and Asia, do not believe web will be the fastest growing segment. This year, it is self-completion using mobile devices. Text-based (or SMS) research also also saw a boost this year, with 6 percent of firms using it in 2010, up from 3 percent in 2006. It’s most common at large firms, where usage tops 20 percent. The survey did not distinguish between quantitative and mobile qualitative research, but since we introduced QualAnywhere 1.5, our mobile qualitative research platform, we’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest.

Other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • Two-thirds of companies see social media research as an entirely new research method, with 17 percent of companies currently providing social media research and 63 percent experimenting with it or considering it for the future.
  • Web remains the dominant mode of research with nearly all (92 percent) of companies providing it.
  • Since 2008, the revenues derived from Web research have increased by 7 percentage points, whereas paper has declined by 8 percentage points.
  • A quarter of respondents say they’ll be changing their research software this year, while 23 percent are undecided. The rest are keeping their research software the same.

The full report is available from Globalpark. Also, check out this blog post from MRGA.

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