Has technology been good for the market research industry?

The following was a post I made in response to the above question on the Linkedin Groups forum called The Market Research Event.

advancements in the past 10 years have been terrific for the MR
industry. Years ago, there were a few accepted methods of collecting
data and the industry generally followed those methods without a lot of
creativity. Technology has created an explosion in at least three

New techniques. No one can argue the fact that we have seen an
explosion of research techniques and methods related to technology.

New capabilities. Social media, longitudinal qualitative (e.g., bulletin
board focus group
), biometric analysis, etc, have given us capabilities
to research people as never before. We are getting closer and closer
to truly immersive research that is a 360 degree 24/7 understanding of
our customers because of the techniques technology makes available to

New understanding. The capabilities mentioned above give us a deeper
understanding of people, how they relate to our products and services
and how those relationships are inter-related.

Any research team that is not getting deeper understanding than ever
before is not utilizing the new research tools at their disposal.

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