The Five Ripples of Disruption

The 5 Ripples of Disruption

The team here at 20|20 has been on a journey to decode the concept of disruption (for a refresher on previous findings, click here and here). Through this research, we’ve explored how consumers perceive the trend and how researchers and brands are thinking about it and acting on it within their businesses. 

What we found is that disruption is most effective when embraced as ripples within an organization. Disruption is not a tidal wave. Solving something like “the future of food” is too lofty, too daunting and impossible for individual contributors or divisions to impact meaningfully.

Instead, our research shows that instances of massive disruption (think Netflix, Uber, Amazon) have led to five smaller, but distinct, ripples of disruption, created by shifts in consumer expectations.

Ripples are small, manageable, incremental adjustments. Every business – regardless of product, service, or industry – has the opportunity to adopt and amplify a ripple or combination of ripples, thereby enhancing their ability to become or remain disruptive.

When done well, they grow and expand, just like ripples in a pond. And when that happens, consumers notice.