Webcam Response With Bulletin Board Focus Group: A Game Changer?

Though this blog focuses generally on online qualitative research, we don’t blatantly brag on our new products.  This week, we make an exception. The new webcam response capability in QualBoard truly takes the bulletin board focus group to another level entirely. Webcam response with QualBoard is a game-changer.

The bulletin board focus group is one of the oldest forms of online qualitative research. There have been various innovations such as group tags, content tags, QuickView and others that make the bulletin board focus group easier to use and analyze. However, no single innovation gives bulletin boards the sheer power that a simple webcam response does.

The webcam-bulletin board combination creates a platform that is incredibly flexible for many uses and the visual connection so many qualitative researchers crave. Imagine the possibilities of connecting with respondents by leaving moderators instructions via webcam. Imagine a discussion of something like hand lotion then asking respondents to show their hand lotion on their webcam, tell why it is their favorite brand and even demonstrate applying it. Imagine simply seeing the respondent’s facial expressions as they describe their favorite restaurant. The possibilities for text and video insight combinations are endless. Check out 5 Great Uses for Webcam Response in a Bulletin Board Focus Group for more ideas. 

Estimates are that 35 percent of computer users have a webcam. As this number grows, webcam integration to other platforms will become the norm.  By themselves, webcams are interesting and helpful; combined with a full featured bulletin board focus group platform like QualBoard, they are incredibly powerful.

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  1. I personally feel focus groups and qualitative research are effective on several levels. Consumers trust the opinion more from another consumer that has tried the product and relays their opinion rather than a company telling us how we are going to react to a product once we tried it.  Thank you for the opportunity of expressing my opinion!!
    Mrs. Immy Ferrara

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