Mobile Qualitative Research Well Worth the Hype

Mobile qualitative research is one of the most talked about topics in online qualitative — and for good reason. As our very own Steve Henke points out in the August issue of Survey magazine, “mobile qualitative research provides the most authentic feedback of any methodology anywhere — in person or online.” That’s because participants are actually “in the moment” while communicating with you, not in a focus group facility or in front of their computer screen thinking about a past experience.

In the article, Steve outlines the basics of mobile qualitative research, from the benefits of trying it out to the many ways our clients are using mobile devices for on-the-go qualitative insights.

For many researchers, mobile is an exciting new tool that we are all trying to figure out. Whether as a stand-alone platform or as a convenient access point to other tools, mobile is coming and will be the Next Big Thing. In other words, you’ll want to have it in your research toolbox. Learn all about it in our free ebook: The Essential Guide to Mobile Qualitative Research. Inside you’ll learn how to use mobile devices for event research and shop-alongs, why it’s great for reaching hard-to-pin-down respondents, and more. Download it today.

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