How Do You Conduct "Fish-Alongs" Online?

We are big fans of online qualitative research because of its flexibility, depth and the opportunity to reach people in new ways. However, from time to time, even our experts struggle to find a good online method to solve a research problem.

Yesterday, such a project came to us. A client wants to do “fish-alongs.”  How do you use technology to conduct research with people who purposely go into the wild to escape technology? Hmmmm…not sure. Any suggestions?

What other types of research defy our creativity to conduct online? Hunt-alongs? How about Hy Mirampolski’s famous “Shower Ethnographies?”

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  1. Funny thing…I read this blog today and then suddenly, on Campaign Creative’s site, they showed me this fishing app:

    I have to think if the fishers are taking their mobile fishing…well…I’m just sorry I didn’t find this sooner!

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