Who’s "Going" to the #MRX Twitterversity?

New to the market research field? Always wanted to try learning from the comfort of your smartphone? Then don’t miss the free Market Research Twitterversity, presented by Research Rockstar on Tuesday, Jan. 11. All you have to do
is follow the #MRXU hashtag on Twitter to receive 117 mini-lessons on market research basics. Here’s the schedule (in EST):

6 a.m.: Basic Concepts & Common Jargon
8 a.m.: Introduction to Market Research Project Planning
10 a.m.: About Survey Projects
Noon: About Qualitative Research
2 p.m.: Emerging Research Methods
4 p.m.: Receiving Research Results
5 p.m.: Delivering Research Results
7 p.m.: Tips for MR Buyers
9 p.m.: Market Research Career Planning

The powers that be behind the online learning event explain it like this: “Market research touches many careers these days. Many types of professionals need to request, receive or even participate in market
research. As a result, many people who are not ‘researchers’ need to have some basic knowledge so they can get the most value from their organizations’ research investments. Let’s make is easy for anyone to
learn the basics; it can only help improve interest in, and perhaps even perceived usefulness of, market research.”

So who’s going? Check back in and tell us what you thought. Maybe it’s been done before, but hosting a conference ON TWITTER seems like a pretty new (and neat!) idea.

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