What 1.7 million people think of your brand

This is PURE fun though you might find a business use for it.  I came across a new site that is related to qualitative research and a lot of fun to boot. 

Brandtags.net is a fun site that shows you a brand/logo and allows you to type in a word or phrase that you associate with that brand (just like in qualitative research).  I spent several minutes in something like a “lightning round” moving through as many brands as possible just for fun.

A really interesting experience is to reverse the process.  The site allows you to see a tag cloud of the most common words associated with a brand and YOU guess the brand.  The site times you and lets you know if you got it right.  It is fun to test your brand knowledge and see how you do.

If you want to be more “business oriented” you can do some research on your favorite brands including your employer or your clients.  You can click on the brand and the site will provide you with a tag cloud of the words the 1.7 million people before you have associated with that brand.

Give it a try.  It is fun and you might just impress your clients with your “deep insight” to their brand.  www.brandtags.net

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