Qual360 Conference: PANDA STORE key to online success

The Merlien Institute hosted the Qual360 Conference last week in Milan, Italy.  As with all conferences, there were some great presentations and some that were less than stellar.  Since many readers of this blog are ‘in the trenches” qualitative practitioners, I wanted to share the highlights of a very practical presentation from my friend Josephine Hansom on “10 Ways to Improve Online Qualitative Engagement.”

  1. Personality — Be human.  Be yourself.  Just because its online doesn’t mean you can’t relax and have fun.
  2. Active listening — Prompt, probe.  Don’t simply load and forget.
  3. New language — Remember that online language is more familiar and people often use  slightly exaggerated speech.
  4. Digital Trust — Contrary to expectations, people are very trusting online.
  5. Assimulate — Be willing to use various methods in combination within a single study.
  6. Sense of Shared Wisdom — People like to share with others.  This can be a very powerful moderating tool.
  7. Tasks — Don’t be content with asking questions.  Be imaginative in assigning tasks that will engage respondents and interface with their offline life.
  8. Offline Context — Assignments and questions can focus easily on offline behaviour.
  9. Re-Sharing — Remember that people like to affirm or re-post statements or links when participating.  Be careful that their responses are their own.
  10. Experience — Create an experience.  People will enjoy it more and be willing to put more into the project.

The easy way to remember this when designing your project:  PANDA STORE.  Once her presentation is uploaded, I’ll post it.

Josephine Hansom is Associate Director, GfK Innovation Team and works in London.

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