New eBook: How to Save Time and Money on Your Qualitative Research Projects

This week 20|20 Research released a new ebook, How to Save Time and Money on Your Qualitative Research Projects: Using Online Research Software for 5 Popular Methodologies. Hopefully reading the title is compelling enough for you to want to download it, but if not, here are three good reasons you should:

1. It will open your mind to online: As Jim Bryson explains in the intro, online qualitative once made a lot of empty promises to researchers—but that was more than a decade ago. Over the years we’ve created and fine-tuned a suite of online qualitative research tools that really can make traditional research projects faster, cheaper and better. The ebook was developed to help client-side researchers and research agencies better understand how the most common qualitative project types can be conducted online.

2. It will introduce you to new methodologies and online applications: OK, so maybe you’ve done a few online projects. But have you experimented with multiple methodologies? Many researchers know about the bulletin board focus group, but did you know you can do many other projects online? You will after reading the ebook, which includes sections on mobile qualitative research, online focus groups, online journaling and more.

3. It will teach you something new: The ebook is a great introduction to online qualitative research, but it’s also a useful (and quick) read for the most seasoned online qualitative veteran. We bet you’ll find at least one thing in there that you didn’t already know.

And here’s a fourth reason that needs little explanation—it’s free! Download the ebook. And if you get a chance, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  1. Regrettably, one has to complete a form in order to request the book..not a problem, unless you don’t have a company website. With a required field entry for this (which I don’t have), it is not possible ti request the book. Is there any way to make a request without having a company website?

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