ESOMAR Online: Facebook Challenges Online Research Firms

Facebook just gave a 40-minute pitch of its research capabilities to 230 researchers at the ESOMAR Online Research Conference in Berlin this morning.  Though presenter rules clearly prohibit presentations that overly tout capabilities, this presentation clearly showcased Facebook’s research prowess.

Facing skepticism from the research firm attendees, the Facebook representative provided substantive support for their capabilities.  “After weighting” Facebook tracking of Obama approval rating has closely tracked the Gallup and Rasmussen polls (r=.91 for you quant jocks). In fact, Facebook tracked closer to the Gallup and Rasmussen polls than they did to one another.

Facebook is creating a new category of research firms. They have a 500 million person worldwide panel on whom they collect volumes of data….and they can deliver verifiably accurate survey results within days. The times they are a-changin…

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  1. In their defense, I think it’s more ok for “guest speakers” to talk about their companies and more prohibited for presenters who have submitted a research paper. After all, we also had a very company-centric presentation from Coca Cola and BBC, it just did not have the same impact on the audience because not a potential competitor !

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