Are you lying to me?

Susan Abbott points out that people who are lying often can’t be caught by body language but are usually given away by their words, usually they way they tell a story. 

Drawing from Judging Honesty by Words, Not Fidgets, by Benedict Carey, Susan presents the debunks the following myths about liars.  

  • Liars do not avert their eyes more than people telling the truth
  • Liars do not fidget, sweat or slump more than truth-tellers
  • There are fleeting changes in expression, but these are difficult to analyze

In addition, she presents the following truths:

  • People who are lying tend to try to stick to a script, to avoid getting caught in a lie.
  • People telling the truth don’t have a script, so they tend to recall more extraneous details, and make mistakes. And the more they talk about a given experience, the more of these details come to mind.

Paying close attention to words is just as important as nonverbal behaviour to truly understand the truth contained in the research.

Susan’s blog, “Customer Experience Crossroads” can be found at

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