A Better Way to Combine Quantitative Surveys With the Depth of Online Qualitative Research

For years, researchers have been searching for the best way to combine quantitative surveys with qualitative depth. One way to do that is with survey interruption chat. It works like this: A moderator breaks into a survey while the respondent is completing it. The moderator has a live chat conversation with that respondent before releasing them to complete the remainder of the survey.

It does the job, but it can be a clunky way to gain qualitative insight from participants. Luckily, there is a better way: We call it the QualLinkQualBoard method, which allows respondents to be selected based on their survey responses to participate in a QualBoard bulletin board focus group. At the conclusion of the survey, participants who qualify for the online qualitative research can opt-in or opt-out. If they opt-in, they receive login instructions for the bulletin board focus group.

So why is this method better? Here are three reasons. Check out seven more over at 2020Research.com.

  1. Discussion Depth: A live chat is a five-minute chat discussion with the respondent. A bulletin board focus group is a 2-3 day discussion during which the participant answers questions for 20-40 minutes each day.
  2. Survey Integrity: QualLink identifies qualified participants and invites them to participate after the survey is completed. Chat interruption methods disrupt the survey flow as intended by the survey design researcher.
  3. Comprehensive: The bulletin board focus group is not dependent on a moderator being available to conduct the interview whenever the participant completes the survey — it’s always ready, even at 3 a.m.
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