3 Keys to an Effective Hybrid Research Design

survey mag logo.jpgThe current issue of Survey Magazine features an article I wrote on the growing capabilities of “hybrid” research design, particularly with the explosion of online research software.

In the research industry, “hybrid” research is quickly being defined as the integration of quantitative and qualitative research.  There are several options available in the market, including:

  • Chat Intercepts during an online survey
  • Webcam intercepts during and online survey
  • “Smart” open ended questions with automated probing
  • Bulletin Board focus groups following an online survey

Each of these is optimal for different research objectives and problems to be solved.  A researcher who uses these methods should be aware of 3 keys to an effective design when picking a hybrid methodology.

  1. Depth. Some hybrid methods do not provide the depth of true qualitative research.
  2. Speed. Adding a qualitative “phase” to a quantitative project can push the schedule past an acceptable deadline.
  3. Integration. Is the quantitative and qualitative research truly integrated or pieced together

At 20/20 Research, we have answered many of these questions with QualLink, a simultaneous hybrid that creates a direct link between virtually all survey platforms and a QualBoard bulletin board focus group. The method is deep, fully integrated and can often be completed before the survey closes.

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