15 types of meaningful experiences

Qualitative research is constantly engaged to understand underlying motivators, hot buttons and meaning for various types of consumers.  Therefore, understanding and being able to communicate those insights is crucial to success for the qual researcher.  The folks at Making Meaning outline 15 meaningful experiences people common to people across cultures.  For the full article go to http://www.makingmeaning.org/meanings.html

The 15 meanings that they found across cultures simply provide a framework for thinking as we conduct qualitative research.  Those 15 means are presented below in alphabetical order. 

  1. Accomplishment
  2. Beauty
  3. Community
  4. Creation
  5. Duty
  6. Enlightenment
  7. Freedom
  8. Harmony
  9. Justice
  10. Oneness
  11. Redemption
  12. Security
  13. Truth
  14. Validation
  15. Wonder

Its an interesting website.  I recommend you check it out.

  1. Jim,
    You’re awesome! This is such a great list – I’m thinking about how we could use this to get clients to pay attention to the subtleties of each respondent. “While you’re in the back room, I want you to think about which of these seems to apply in the case of each person we’ll be interviewing today”.
    Thanks for sharing another great discovery,

  2. As I check out this list, at first glance I am struck how many (Most? All?) are archetypes. One definition is that an archetype is a model, like a protype. Another use that particularly fits the reference here is from Jungian psychology – that we have collective unconcious thought patterns, images, desires that are present in all individual human psyches.
    HGF – Applied Anthropologist, Ethnographer, & Marketing Qualie

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