20|20 Service Week: Just Be Helpful

20|20 Service Week: Just Be Helpful

Just be helpful.

Today is the last day of 20|20’s annual Service Week. We launched Service Week five years ago because we are resolute about service here at 20|20. In fact, “service-oriented” is one of our seven Core Values that truly speak to who 20|20 is as a company and what we look for in team members.

During Service Week, each 20|20 employee can volunteer for a local charity. This year, we spent over 400 hours in nine cities helping 19 organizations including homeless shelters in Nashville and Miami, a Charlotte food bank, the Denver Ronald McDonald House, and a Chicago book bank.

20|20’s Service Week always gets me thinking and this year two things come to mind. First, personally I don’t do enough service. I donate to several different charities and rationalize that is enough to do my part. But, when I see the immediate impact of direct face-to-face service I realize that writing a check or attending a fundraiser isn’t enough. I need to get out and actually DO SOMETHING.

My second thought is that service doesn’t have to be a vast undertaking. All you need to do is be thoughtful, empathetic, and willing to act. Has the homeless person on the bench outside your office had breakfast? Give them your bagel. Does the person with the broken-down car need help changing a tire? Stop and help them. What about the couple standing on the corner staring at Google Maps on their phone? Give them directions to their dinner reservation.

Just ask,“How can I be helpful?”