Multi-Source Recruiting: Rethinking What’s Possible for Qualitative Research

Multi-Source Recruiting: Rethinking What’s Possible for Qualitative Research

Maybe four to five times a year I go to universities to speak on the topic of “consumer insights.”

The students seem to follow along as I describe a typical project lifecycle, but one topic always gets about half the class to raise an eyebrow.

The question is always the same: “Why is qualitative recruiting so challenging?”

I’ve come up with a simple explanation that drives the point home.

Me: “Let me explain. Does anyone here have friends?”
Class: “Soft laughter.”
Me: “I’ll take that as a yes. Do your friends eat dinner?”
Class: “Heads nodding.”
Me: “Great. Then this should be really easy. I’ll give you $500 right now if anyone in this room can tell me, without checking first, that they can guarantee six of your friends will show up at your house for a dinner party at exactly 6:00 pm, nobody is late. Does anyone in this room think they can get ALL six of their friends to show up? Come on… $500 is on the line?”

I’ve done this maybe fifty times. Never once has anyone raised a hand.

At 20|20, we take this challenge on, thousands of times a year. Whether we use our own panel, a client list, social media, or even a combination, our high-touch and in-house recruiting ensure you get the ideal participants for your studies.

Using a multi-source recruiting method, you can rethink what’s possible with qualitative recruiting. With our comprehensive capabilities, we can recruit “dinner parties” of all shapes and sizes. In person or online, from small gatherings of two, to massive three hundred to five hundred person events. And nearly every single time, everyone shows up.