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QualMeeting® allows you to conduct “face-to-face research” with participants from anywhere in the world. The virtual interview solution lets you gather insights in real time using webcam technology and video streaming. Plus, we take care of the recruiting, scheduling, project management and technical logistics for you. It’s convenient. It’s effective. And the results can influence important business decisions.

Cost-effective and efficient by eliminating the time, logistics and expenses that are typically associated with traditional face-to-face projects.

Customizable designs can include stimuli, screen sharing, and other tools to help you uncover greater insights.

You get to focus on what really matters—the research. Our team manages the technology and the participants so you can make the most of each session.

Our proprietary video portal allows you to streamline your analysis with searchable transcripts that direct straight to related clips.

Dedicated account management, live training sessions, 24/7 technical support and experienced project management provide peace of mind.

Access to a nationwide panel of more than 640,000 consumers, with high-touch recruiting services to ensure the best respondents.

Exclusive Features You’ll Only Find with QualMeeting

Video Portal

20|20’s proprietary video portal makes it easy to manage video research projects. View, share and download files and transcripts from a central location. Use sophisticated search capabilities to find clips without combing through every minute of video. Our team can even create a customized montage that summarizes your findings for you.

Virtual Lobby

Focus on your sessions without worrying about managing the flow of your participants. 20|20 Research technicians provide scheduling updates, special instructions and technical assistance to participants before the live meeting begins. This ensures your participants are prepared and engaged for the conversation so you can make the most of the time spent with each.

QualMeeting Overview

QualMeeting can be used as a standalone or paired with 20|20 Research’s complementary products to meet a variety of qualitative research needs.

Solutions Commonly Paired with QualMeeting


Our online markup tool delivers rich feedback for new product ideas, advertising and design concepts, storyboards, wireframes, and any other type of visual stimuli.

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Dial Testing

Digital dial testing allows you to gather feedback on videos more cost-effectively. Your research extends further and is completed faster with fewer barriers.

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Virtual Intercepts

Route respondents from social media or a survey directly into a one-on-one interview. Understand the “why” behind the “what” to gain deeper insights without lag time.

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Digital Ethnography

Gain insights into your participants’ daily environments without the costs and time associated with travel. Live stream interviews and take virtual tours of your participants’ surroundings.

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The technology was great, and my support rep was an absolute pleasure.

Firefly Millward Brown

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