QualLaborate Concept Evaluation

QualLaborate™ Concept Evaluation

The Only True Qualitative Markup Tool

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QualLaborate is a concept evaluation and image markup tool designed specifically for qualitative research. It’s the only online markup tool of its kind, delivering rich feedback for new product ideas, advertising and design concepts, storyboards, wireframes, and any other type of visual stimuli.

Capture unbiased, “gut reaction” opinions about each concept or idea, then use the markup tools to gather deeper feedback.

Rotate or randomize your concept’s bias. Participants can mark up ads, brands, images, product labels, documents, pamphlets and more.

Includes both pre-packaged and ad-hoc reports that make it easy to analyze and visually display data. Pull a wide range of reports, including heat maps and click maps, as well as raw data for analysis in other applications.

Dedicated account management, live training sessions, 24/7 technical support, and experienced project management for peace of mind.

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