Year in Review: Best QualBlog Posts of 2011

Before we turn the page to 2012, we wanted to provide you the highlights from the 20|20 QualBlog in 2011. Here are the five most popular blog posts from 2011. If I can see a pattern from the most popular posts, I’d say you are interested in research methodology, saving money on research, and understanding what is going on in our industry conferences. Have a wonderful 2012, as we look forward to continuing to provide you the tools and content support to do better research.

1. Brand Creative Testing Using Mind Clouds
Struggling with how to reveal your advertising during qualitative research sessions? This post reveals the limitations of showing your ads first, and it offers an innovative solution. Read on for a method that exposes both the subject’s opinion of a brand before exposure to advertising and the degree to which your ads can change pre-existing notions.

2. Brainstorming with Word Clouds
If you didn’t add word clouds to your brainstorming repertoire this year, you may be missing out on an innovative new tool. View this post to discover the possibilities of word clouds for your qualitative research and your business.

3. MRA Conference Hits a Home Run
Our favorite conferences make an impact on the listeners through well-researched, timely and high level content. This post details one of the best we attended in 2011, and it could provide some tips on how to focus conferences in the future.

4. New eBook: How to Save Time and Money on Your Qualitative Research Projects
Looking for a tutorial that will open your mind to online research and new methodologies? Of all of our 2011 eBooks, this one was perhaps the most innovative.

5. Taco Bell Qualitative Research: Fast, Cheap and Internal
Striving to learn from other companies’ qualitative research techniques, we often include new methodologies in our blogs. This one highlights Taco Bell’s Facebook research community, which has enabled them to perform qualitative research on a quick, internal scale.

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