True GRIT: What the Industry Trends Survey Says for Online Qualitative Research

Last week, the Greenbook Research Industry Trends survey results were released. It covers a lot of ground. I put together a summary for our internal staff related to qualitative with a focus on online qualitative research. Here is a summary of those findings:

  • Qualitative research is growing, with a net gain of 10 percent saying they will conduct MORE qualitative research this year than last.
  • Budget constraints are easily the No. 1 reason that companies change data collection methods. These companies are looking to new methods and new technologies to meet these budget constraints.
  • Online qualitative research has huge growth potential, with barely one-fourth of firms currently using any single form of online qualitative. Types of online qualitative used by research buyers include: online communities (28 percent); bulletin board focus group (27 percent); chat focus group (25 percent); social media monitoring (25 percent); and mobile qualitative research (15 percent).
  • Researchers have high expectations for mobile phone research.  We did a little extra analysis on the results as reported by GRIT. GRIT reported on current and future predicted use of several methods. We simply calculated the difference to get a sense of anticipated growth. The following table displays those numbers with growth rates over 20 percent highlighted in yellow. Note that three of five methods with highlighted growth rates are mobile.

  1. Love the additional analysis Jim; thanks for doing that work! This is a good write-up and I’m thrilled you found value in it!


  2. Thanks Lenny. Hope the Tech Conference is going well. Isaac Rogers is there and we are posting from it.

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