Simple Stimulating Statements: AQR/QRCA Conference in Tweets

Sometimes, the best reading is simple reading that makes you think.

Last week, I attended the AQR/QRCA World Qualitative Conference in Budapest, Hungary (a fabulous city by the way).  The Twitter feed (#aqr/qrca)was very active.  Here is a collection of tweets.  Maybe one or more will stimulate a thought that will change your day.

Relish Research ‏@relishresearch  May 2

Interesting to use the word respondent. We only say participant now to see them more as an involved part of the process. #aqrqrca

Jim Bryson ‏@JimBrysonTN  May 2

Peter Totman “you owe it to your client to focus on the respondents” not the back room #aqrqrca #mrx

Saros Research ‏@Sarosresearch  May 2

Research participants always know if mod’s attention and concern is more directed at the people behind than in front of them #aqrqrca

Schlesinger Assoc ‏@SchlesConnect  May 2

MR doesn’t exist without a positive relationship with willing respondents – love that day 2 is focusing on this ! – JS #aqrqrca

@Mike Karchner: “look at research from the respondents’ perspective…They’re customers.” Scary concept! #aqrqrca

Nikki Lavoie ‏@mindsparklab  May 2

“QRCs are the guardians of the process and protectors of respondents.” #aqrqrca #mrx

SusanAbbott ‏@SusanAbbott  May 2

100% agree @travelbug321: Participant not respondent! I have been arguing this for years. Thank you @relishresearch #aqrqrca

Peter Lovett ‏@peterslovett  May 2

Rules of behaviour are determined by collective family network not by desire for individuality in India. Don’t lose face @rbonala #aqrqrca

Relish Research ‏@relishresearch  34h

Millennials have high brand engagement and literacy. They’ve grown up with a backdrop of doom and gloom. But entrepreneurial too #aqrqrca

Peter Lovett ‏@peterslovett  34h

#aqrqrca brands are making a mess in digital and social media. Millennials spend huge time on social but block brands

Relish Research ‏@relishresearch  34h

Millennials are adept at dodging the brand bullets thrown at them. Blocking some, ignoring others. Brands are annoying. #aqrqrca

Relish Research ‏@relishresearch  33h

Ask not what your status or tweets can do for you, but what they can do for others. If it’s all about you, it’s annoying. #aqrqrca

Dotti Toellner ‏@DottiToellner  33h

Brands are placing to much attention on being seen and too little on being loved kat slater @firefishltd #aqrqrca

Schlesinger Assoc ‏@SchlesConnect  33h

Accelerate pace of technology and new ways to reach people in MR – millenials and Ikids aren’t even using email anymore. #aqrqrca

Saros Research ‏@Sarosresearch  33h

RT @rbonala: #aqrqrca millenials – ..don’t believe the focus group is dead for this cohort.They do crave company <- YES! Agreed

Stefan Hagl ‏@sthagl  33h

#AQRQRCA We’ll always be adopting new, different media as people use it. But we can never do wothout face-to-face conversations

now research ‏@knowresearch  32h

“People have got into the habit of not concentrating” so we need to do things differently. Anna Goraczka & Michal Protasiuk #AQRQRCA

Dotti Toellner ‏@DottiToellner  31h

A game needs rules… and restrictions (of a game) make people think better susan fader #aqrqrca




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