Why the "transparency in offshoring" initiative?

Recently, several prominent research established the Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring (www.offshoretransparency.org) as a reaction to problems with some offshore research activities.  I’m trying to understand this initiative so any assistance would be helpful. 

Four days ago, I posted the following on BaQMAR’s Linkedin discussion forum:

We don’t offshore so I don’t have a stake in it; however, I’m still
trying to understand this initiative. I would welcome any

I don’t question anyone’s concern over offshoring. But why certify
whether someone does or not? If I’m a client and I don’t want something
done offshore, can’t I just ask if they do it and/or demand that they
don’t do my work offshore? If that doesn’t work, can’t I generally take
my work to a company who does not offshore any work?

Not to be cynical, but I was in politics for a period of my life. Often
“transparency efforts” were, in actuality, veiled efforts to kill
something in a politically correct way. On its surface, this seems to
be the same type of effort.

As I said, I don’t have a personal stake in it, but I would appreciate
enlightenment on why a company should be certified as to whether they
offshore or not.

No answer has been posted, so I open it up here.  Through self-certification, FTO offers two seals:  one for companies that do not offshore and one for those who are responsible about it.  Its self-reported and there does not appear to be a policing mechanism. 

I don’t get it.  Help please.

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