QualBoard 4.0: Video Capabilities

QualBoard 4.0: Video Capabilities

The 20|20 team has been hard at work over the last three years on a ground-up reinvention of our signature platform, one that promises to deliver stronger consumer connections and richer, more impactful insights for you and your clients.

Built with modern research in mind, QualBoard 4.0 takes full advantage of video to get you more meaningful insights.

Here are just a few ways that you can use video to increase the flexibility and depth of your research.

  • Real-Time Video Chats: The platform includes real-time video chats, ideal if you want to follow a key theme.  Video chats allow you to quickly pull select respondents into an interview for deeper insights.

  • Video on Mobile:  Whether you are conducting ethnographic research or diaries, it is now more seamless for respondents to upload videos of their experiences. Not only can respondents upload video easily from their desktop, but they also have the flexibility to upload any video or photo via their native mobile browser.

  • Video Clipping: With our new insights clipping capabilities, it is easier than ever to edit and classify your video insights within the QualBoard 4.0 platform so you can deliver more dynamic reporting.

Want to learn more about the flexibility of video on QualBoard 4.0? Simply drop us a line at advice@2020research.com.