New Study Looks at Future of Corporate Research

What’s the role of today’s corporate researcher and how will that change as we enter the next decade? That’s the question the folks at Cambiar Consulting set out to answer when they surveyed 160 corporate researchers for their “Cambiar Future of Research Study.” They presented the findings at the AMA Research & Strategy Summit in Chicago earlier this month. If you missed it (we did!) the highlights from the study are also posted on the company’s blog. There’s some great insight about the future as well as current state of corporate research. Here are some of the findings that stood out the most to us:

• One-quarter of corporate researchers expect that the leading research company in 2020 does not exist today.

• Researchers believe that growth in MR spending will be driven from outside the USA/Europe.

• Only 25 percent of corporate researchers are very satisfied with their jobs. The main reason? Their companies don’t see them as “thought partners.” Most have “in the trenches” roles: “They are brought in too late, treated as order takers or have business teams that want to control information,” explains Cambiar.

Cambiar also surveyed research company execs and are planning to release those findings next month. It should be interesting to see where those results overlap with these.

In the meantime, do any of these findings jump out at you?

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