Mobile Ad Spending Will Drive Qualitative Research

The forecast for advertising spending aimed at reaching users on mobile devices is expected to grow dramatically over the next five years. And with it, is likely to come the need for more qualitative research related to mobile usage.

According to an article in DigiDayDaily, research conducted by Gartner Research pegs worldwide spending on mobile advertising at $3.3 billion in 2011, double the $1.6 billion spent last year. In North America alone, spending is forecasted at $701.7 million in 2011, up from $304 million last year.

Gartner’s projections for the rise in mobile advertising expenditures are to a whopping $20.6 billion worldwide in 2015, and up to $5.8 billion in North American mobile advertising spends.

The growth in spending, according to Gartner, is not because of the rise of tablet devices like the iPad, as much as it is growth in online usage of search and mapping.

What would a marketplace that is 15 times larger than it is today mean for your company?

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