Massachusetts Acts to Quash Medical Incentives

I serve on the Government Affairs Committee for MRA/CMOR and one of the issues we have been dealing with for months is the intent of state legislatures to stop any payments by pharma to doctors.  Research is getting caught in the middle.  Several states have already established research reporting requirements and some are considering bans on any payments to physicians from healthcare companies directly or through third parties (research firms).  The latest state to act is Massachusetts which has recently enacted a regulation requiring reporting of all payments to physicians.  For more information on how you can let your voice be heard go to  Here is the opening of the MRA’s “action page.” 

Help Save Research in Massachusetts!

New regulations in Massachusetts could cripple research with health care practitioners. By requiring the public reporting of market research incentives for practitioners that originate from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, the new Marketing Code of Conduct will make practitioners less likely to participate in vital marketing research that provides enormous benefit to the public and significant income for the research profession. Read this MRA Shield article for more on the new regulation, and see MRA’s public position paper.

As an individual, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the fight to protect this vital vein of research and to get this regulation changed. Even if you are not a state resident, you can still ask your employees, co-workers, colleagues, friends and family to take action.

Massachusetts Residents: Take Action!

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