Market Research Radio: Love It!

Radio is so much fun!

Over the years, I have bee fortunate to do a good bit of radio. I hosted a 3-hour show once on the #1 station in the market and had a blast.

Today, I tried something new, Internet radio. It was even more fun. I joined Kevin Lonnie of KL Communications as guests on NewMR Radio. We discussed the state of online qualitative research and its future. The discussion was uninterrupted by advertising and will be available on demand at NewMR Radio.

Among other things, Kevin talked about the immenent threat of “big data” and the need to step up respondent engagement. I talked about the oncoming train that is data security and the huge potential of reliable, in-context text analytics.

Thanks to Lenny Murphy and Ray Poynter for hosting the show. It was a great discussion and I hope to do it again. I only wish we had more time.

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