Maine law restricts research with minors

MRA released a warning about a new Maine law that restricts information that can be passed from one company to another regarding minors.  The law could severly limit the ability of bona fide research companies to conduct research among consumers under 18.

Here is part of the MRA press release.  There is also a video link explaining the law.

As CMOR explained in their August Legislative Update, Maine’s LD 1183, the Prevent Predatory Marketing Practices Against Minors Act, prohibits the sale, offer for sale or transfer of health-related or personal information about a minor if that information is personally identifiable, was collected for marketing purposes without verifiable parental consent or will be used for “predatory marketing” purposes. The law came into effect on September 12, 2009.

“Researchers everywhere should check their data sets and research plans to ensure they comply with the strictures of this new law. Although the Maine Attorney General has said she will not enforce the law, any violator is still potentially open to private civil suits, including those sharing data between companies as part of the research process,” said LaToya Lang, Counsel for CMOR.

The full press release and a video link can be found at:  

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