Flight Cancellations Do Not Cancel Chicago IDIs

The weekend of September 28, the nation’s airways were rocked by a fire in the FAA control tower controlling the midwest, including O’Hare and Midway airports in Chicago.  Over 2000 flights were cancelled.  One of those included a moderator flying to Chicago on Sunday to conduct IDIs in a facility beginning Monday morning.  Here is the story of how the IDIs happened anyway as told through the email history of Sunday afternoon, September 28.

12:08 pm.  Sunday, September 28 — 20|20 Client

My flight to Chicago got cancelled and are doing IDIs tomorrow before TDIs on Weds. Could we get set up to do TDIs through Qualmeeting tomorrow at _______ Chicago where docs will get starting at 8:30 CT? I would ask facility for webcam and do on your platform if possible. Please let me know!

3:00 pm.  Sunday, September 28 — 20|20 Account Management

Hey guys!  Got a bit of an emergency request here.  I just talked with the (client) (we are doing QualMeting idi’s with them on Wednesday)  They were supposed to do an in-person portion for the same project tomorrow in Chicago facility, but their flights got canceled.

They need to run 8 QualMeeting idi’s tomorrow from 8:30- 7:00pm Central time.  They would just use the QualMeeting room that Justin already built.  The participants are going to be showing up to the facility as planned…but they’ll be talking through a laptop setup(or similar) instead of having the moderator there (there will even be clients in the facility back room)
The moderator would love to use 20/20…can we make this one happen for them?

3:11 pm.  Sunday, September 28 — 20|20 Tech Support

I will make sure all are aware of this and this gets handled immediately in the morning. I will go ahead and give Josh a call now so he will be ahead of this, proactively getting it taken care of! In the meantime, if you need anything else, let us know 🙂

3:29 pm.  Sunday, September 28 — 20|20 QualMeeting Manager

We can definitely make this happen. Send over the the schedule as soon as possible and I will get them on the calendar.

8:30 am.  Monday, September 28 — Chicago Facility

IDIs began in the facility with moderator working remotely and clients in the back room.  Moderator reaction, “Next morning, David was in our (virtual) room when I logged on and was on the phone coordinating setup with the Chicago facility.  Clients were in back room in Chicago looking on in amazement because none had used the 20/20 platform before and were in serious doubt we’d pull this off.  And, all went perfectly!!!  So, thanks to your whole team.

Client Post Mortem:  We’ve never worked with a team as professional, helpful, and wonderful and the technology had transformed my life…I may never have to deal with United, American and Delta again and as a moderator who’s been doing this longer than I care to admit, that is great!!!  And, I think my clients, are thinking again about the use of technology in lieu of in person work.

My response:  Some days you are so proud, you just have to share it with the world.  We have a great team and great clients.  This is a long-term client and the 20|20 people were thrilled to be able to help them save the project.  This is why 20|20 is used around the world.  Its not just the technology; its about people helping people.  Congratulations 20|20.  You are the best.

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