QualBoard 4.0 from 20|20: Introducing Quick Poll

QualBoard 4.0 from 20|20: Introducing Quick Poll

Introducing Quick Poll events in QualBoard 4.0.

You already know the all new QualBoard offers Group Discussions, Individual Diaries, and Real-Time Video Chats. On top of that, we’ve just added the ability to conduct Quick Poll events. Quick Polls make it is easier than ever to manage long-term communities, hybrid research, and more all within a single platform.

Using Quick Poll, you can send a short survey to one, many, or all of the users in your project.  Quick Poll has all the same question types as our other events, including media, text, multiple choice, ranking, and more.

Check out the new event in action!

Want to learn how to incorporate Quick Poll into your next QualBoard 4.0 project? 

Reach out to advice@2020research.com to integrate QualBoard 4.0 into your research playbook.