QualBoard 4.0 Enhancements: New Question Types, Video Capabilities and More

QualBoard 4.0 Enhancements: New Question Types, Video Capabilities and More

In these challenging times, we are all still working to find our new normal. And in order to keep insights on track, for many of our clients this means finding ways to conduct their research online. To keep pace with this need for more flexible and efficient research, our talented product development team has continued to improve and add features to our QualBoard platform. Here’s a rundown of some of the latest updates:

Card-Sort Question Type

With this all new question type, your respondents can drag and drop statements into customized categories. Card sort joins multiple choice, multiple answer, matrix, and drag and drop questions to give you more flexibility when testing messaging, ideas, and more.

Video Chats Tech Checks

We now have a tech check process for the Video Chat event in QualBoard. Paired with your group discussion or another event, Video Chats give you the ability to integrate real-time insights into your asynchronous research. The tech checks ensure that participants’ webcam and video work before the live session, decreasing the potential for technical difficulties and allowing you to focus more fully on your research.

QualTranslate Instant Machine Translation

QualTranslate allows you to see your insights in real time, without waiting for human translation. Using QualTranslate machine translation, you are able to convert your discussion from the discussion language to your native language in seconds. Plus, you can have multiple root languages under one project and translate all of them separately.

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