Introducing QualBoard 4.0

Introducing QualBoard 4.0

Last week we promised something big was on the horizon.  And here it is. The team at 20|20 is thrilled to announce the launch of the next phase of QualBoard version 4.0.

The all-new platform includes expanded capabilities for individual diaries, group discussions, long-term communities and more. We’ve been hard at work for more than three years on this ground-up reinvention, one that promises to deliver a new and improved insights experience for you.

Built with modern digital research in mind, QualBoard 4.0 delivers ultimate flexibility, with the ability to design and connect projects so you can build upon learnings over time and on the fly. Plus the solution takes advantage of cutting-edge automation, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

QualBoard 4.0 features a host of other new capabilities, including:

  • Robust logic. QualBoard 4.0 includes enhanced logic rules, as well as expanded question types, to deliver more natural interaction. You can build detailed skip patterns and branching based on participants’ answer selections or based on key words in open-ended responses, ensuring the right questions are asked of the right audience.
  • A mobile-first design. The fully responsive design of QualBoard 4.0 makes it easier than ever for participants to capture experiences and share feedback on the go, without requiring a dedicated mobile app.
  • Real-time email responses. Participants will receive a real-time email any time they have a required follow-up, with the ability to simply reply to the message and have it post in the system without logging back in. Likewise, moderators can receive real-time emails when the participant has replied and can ask additional probes via the message.
  • Built-in analytics. QualBoard 4.0 features advanced AI and analytics within the platform, helping you streamline your analysis and reporting with keyword extraction, concept identification, image tagging, and more.
  • Real-time video chats. The platform includes real-time video chats, ideal if you want to quickly pull select respondents into an interview for deeper insights.

Want to learn more?  Drop us a line at for your personalized demo of QualBoard 4.0.