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Right-Sized Panels for Agile Insights
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Lean Communities

Half the cost, twice the agility. Our new solution leverages the latest tools, including AI and predictive analytics, to deliver flexible communities with less effort.

Communities are a build-once, use-many times way to gather critical consumer stories. Ideal for long-term engagements or a handful of smaller studies, you’ll have a right-sized, pre-recruited group to tap into over the course of several months or more.

With our flexible, nimble Lean Community, your panel grows over time, through the research you’re already doing – so you can avoid the costly up-front and high fixed expenses of a traditional research community while still having consistent access to the consumer narratives that matter most.

We have everything under one roof to make the community engagement seamless and efficient – our own nationwide qualitative panel to find and engage your respondents, our proprietary digital research platform to design and execute a variety of research activities, and our experienced teams to support the process and ensure you get the most compelling consumer stories.

Cost Savings

With 20|20, your costs are a fraction of a traditional community because you’re only paying for the respondents you need to invite along the way. Plus, our bundled pricing includes expert support to ensure your success.


With 20|20’s comprehensive resources, there’s no need to wait weeks on a research project. You’ll have the respondents and tools you need at your fingertips.


The Lean Community gives you access to a vast array of event types,  including quick polls, online journals, group discussions, and video chats – all within a single platform, making it to build learnings and keep your participants engaged.


Our proprietary suite of research automation and predictive analytics tools makes the process of engaging and managing your custom community easier than ever.  20|20 leverages cutting-edge AI and analytics to help with the heavy lifting often associated with community management.

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