The Joseph School: Researchers Give Back

The Joseph School: Researchers Give Back

It’s that time of year again – students are reaching those last pages of their text books while teachers are feverishly grading, both counting down the days to summer vacation. We of course don’t get the summer off here at 20|20, but we are still just as excited as it marks another successful year at The Joseph School (TJS), our company’s corporate charity. Because of you, our clients, we are able to give back to the organization. Now 30 Haitian students will graduate and move on to the 4th grade as TJS prepares to welcome 30 new 1st graders in the fall.

2018 has been a positive year for The Joseph School. It transitioned into its permanent location with a new campus, classrooms and other amenities. The school built a 24,000-gallon reservoir to provide clean water to the community and has built seven home for families there. Plans are in the works for a new dining hall, library, chapel, and playground.

None of this would be possible without support, and the MREF, Marketing Research Education Foundation is going above and beyond to give back. The organization pledged to sponsor the school’s incoming class of first-graders (the class of 2029) and pay for the duration of their education. In addition, MREF recruits researchers to embark on an annual mission trip to The Joseph School, bringing together researchers from around the world in support of childhood education.

To learn more about MREF’s work, you can read the full article from Quirk’s Survey Magazine April 2018 here.

Thanks again to all of our supporters for helping 20|20 make an impact – our clients for helping us to give back, the countless volunteers, many donors, multiple research organizations, and especially The Marketing Research Education Foundation for all they do and continue to do.