20|20 Acquires iModerate. Prepares for the Future.

The research landscape is rapidly changing.   Change is not coming, it is here.

We cannot sit still and expect to thrive in the transformational era shaking our industry.  Technology is creating a revolution in how we gather, analyze and use data to make marketing and strategic decisions.  Competitive pressures and faster internal processes are dramatically shortening timelines.  We as an industry must answer the call to continually develop new methods to deliver meaningful information faster and more clearly than ever before.  Innovation and transformation cannot be a one-time event; it must be on-going.

imoderate_logo_2c-1In the spirit of continuous transformation, this week 20|20 announced its first acquisition in 30 years by bringing iModerate into the 20|20 family (press release here).  Like 20|20, iModerate is a service-first technology company with a strong brand and experienced staff.  But iModerate also brings new capabilities and a renewed sense of energy and forward thinking.

iModerate is overflowing with smart, capable people who understand research.  They will challenge us to see the 20|20 products and services with new eyes.  20|20 will challenge them to see the iModerate products and services from a different perspective as well.  Together, we can focus a broader array of services on solving a wider range of the problems vexing our clients.

In the end, joining these two companies will give our clients a stronger partner to help them solve problems faster and with better information than ever before.  Business is accelerating; the tools available to all researchers are multiplying; clients must have partners they can trust with the tools they need to solve problems faster than ever before.  These trends, and others, are driving the industry’s transformation.  20|20 and iModerate will continue to serve our clients with innovative, insightful solutions that produce answers to the questions that drive their business.

We at 20|20 welcome the iModerate staff and solutions to the family.  The future will be challenging, but together, we are ready.