Insights from Consumers Dealing with COVID-19: The New “Surreality”

Insights from Consumers Dealing with COVID-19: The New “Surreality”

“I went out the school door. Things were worse than before.  I couldn’t believe it. Ten wacky things more.”
— Wacky Wednesday, Theodor Seuss Geisel

The quote above was used by a consumer to describe their feelings about COVID-19 and the current situation.

This feedback was shared as part of 20|20’s Qualitative Omnibus Lean Community. We established this community to provide frequent insight into the emotions and other drivers consumers are facing during these unprecedented times. In our latest video, we share more details around the panel and some of the early themes that have emerged.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has altered norms and shaken up consumer behavior – likely for months to come. Our community was designed to deliver quick, affordable access to rich, qualitative information about your target audiences and how they are dealing with the crisis.

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