Do Traditional Communities Need to Evolve?

Do Traditional Communities Need to Evolve?

Digital insight communities are by now a well-established research method. Communities allow brands to tap audiences on demand, without the need to pause to recruit between research questions.

But have traditional communities grown stale? Today, we’re hearing from more and more clients who are moving away from the standard, large-scale community. The high costs, combined with a lack of agility, have led many researchers to seek an alternative way to engage their consumers for ongoing insights.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that 20|20 has launched a new approach, which we’re calling Lean Communities. With a Lean Community, your panel grows over time, through the research you’re already doing – avoiding the costly up-front and high fixed expenses of a traditional research community while still giving you consistent access to the consumer narratives that support confident brand evolution and inform marketing decisions as they are made.

20|20’s unique infrastructure allows us to develop and manage right-sized Lean Communities for a variety of brand challenges and consumer categories. We have everything under one roof to make the community engagement seamless and efficient – our own nationwide qualitative panel to find and engage your respondents, our proprietary digital research platform to design and execute a variety of research activities, a suite of cutting-edge AI and predictive analytics tools to make management more effective, and an experienced team to support the process and ensure you get the most compelling consumer stories.

Want to learn more about Lean Communities and how they can provide ongoing insight and more compelling consumer stories? Check out our recent press release or simply drop us a line at