20|20's Data Security Policies: How We Use Social Media Data in Our Market Research

20|20's Data Security Policies: How We Use Social Media Data in Our Market Research

With the recent news coverage surrounding Cambridge Analytica and their use of data gathered from Facebook, many individuals are concerned about their personal data.  So we wanted to take a moment and share how we here at 20|20 use social media data in our market research.

Does 20|20 leverage any social media platforms for its research, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Yes; we do utilize some of these social media platforms for our research and platform integrations, but in all cases this data usage is extremely limited.

What kind of social media data integrations do you utilize?

20|20 Panel members that we recruit to take part in your qual and quant studies have the option to use their social media profile to login with a Single Sign On (SSO) method connected to their Facebook account. This is provided to our panelists for convenience only and does not harvest any additional data; they grant us very limited access to their name and avatar.

Our QualBoard 4.o platform provides the same SSO login feature, but we also allow Google+Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter as login options.  Again, we do not harvest any additional data and have very limited access to only their name and avatar.

Our QualLink methodology can be linked to social media for recruitment, but QualLink does not have any direct connection to Facebook or other platforms, as it is a completely disconnected system.

What if I want to learn more about 20|20’s policies?

Talk to us !  We’re happy to share more information about data security policies, our Privacy Shield status, and our upcoming GDPR compliance.