Live Look: Lean Communities

Live Look: Lean Communities

In an overlooked demographic, Usability Resources and 20|20 saw an opportunity for success with a custom lean community.

Over a cup of coffee early in 2019, 20|20 and Kay Corry Aubrey of Usability Resources came to the conclusion that, as far as consumer insights go, marketers and brand managers were overlooking a huge audience for their products and services– “boomers” or Americans in more advanced seasons of life (65+)

At a coffee shop in the heart of Boston, we discussed how common it was to exclude those over 65 from research projects; most firms use boilerplate language for their recruitment screeners that inserts “18-65” without so much as an afterthought. Especially when it relates to digital qualitative, most brands carry around the false notion that it’s difficult to engage this population in online communities or video interviews. What’s frustrating is that they’re not only possible to bring into this kind of research, but they’re some of the most dedicated and articulate respondents you can have in online qualitative research.

Keep in mind that this population holds more than half of the disposable income in the US and their ranks are estimated to grow by 50% in just the next 15 years.

Together, 20|20 and Usability Resources came to the realization that there isn’t an easy way to showcase how simple and effective digital qualitative can be with a 65+ population, so we decided to create one.  We partnered to build a Lean Community consisting exclusively of 65+ Americans.

Read more about this application of the Lean Community and its success here: “Lean” Online Community Research with Older Women.