Facebook Watch Faces an ‘Uphill Battle’ Against YouTube

Facebook Watch Faces an ‘Uphill Battle’ Against YouTube

S&P Global recently published an article exploring consumer perception of the Facebook Watch platform that launched in September featuring insights from a 20|20 study and commentary from CEO Isaac Rogers.  

“Facebook Watch faces an ‘uphill battle’ against YouTube” gauges consumer reaction to the new feature launched in September based off insights from an online, nationwide study conducted across 1,200 respondents by the 20|20 team. The article also evaluates how it competes directly with a variety of other digital video platforms and Facebook Watch’s position in the marketplace.

The following is a brief excerpt:

Isaac Rogers, CEO of 20|20 Research, expects that Watch may be used as a replacement for YouTube.

“[Watch] definitely competes with YouTube,” he said in an interview. However, since YouTube is “limitless,” Facebook will fight an “uphill battle” and has to be either spot on or start ramping up their back catalog,” he added.

To learn more about the study’s findings, please download this PDF:

S&P Global October 2017