How Integrated Quant+Qual is Democratizing Research

How Integrated Quant+Qual is Democratizing Research

Survey Magazine recently published an article written by 20|20’s CIO Isaac Rogers in their July issue.

“How Integrated Quant+Qual Is Democratizing Research” explains how a subtle wind of change is blowing through the industry, breaking down the walls between quant and qual research.

The following is a brief excerpt:

It is common practice in our industry to view the research world as a two- sided coin; one side quantitative, and the opposite side qualitative. Meet someone new at a conference, and chances are the first question you answer establishes which side of the world you inhabit. “I’m in Quant”, or perhaps “I’m a Quallie” are likely two of the most common phrases ut-
tered in exhibit halls across the globe. Stereotypically, quants might follow up that introduction with “I’m a numbers person”, and quals typically fire back with “I’m a people person”.

To read the full article, please download this PDF: Survey Magazine_ July 2015_Democratizing Research

Or, view it on Survey’s Website. 

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