CASE STUDY: Virtual Intercepts

CASE STUDY: Virtual Intercepts

Reading it Right: Using 20|20’s Virtual Intercept hybrid research technology to ensure a better customer experience 

RPG Innovations, an international pet care products company, wanted to ensure that consumers have the best experience possible with a revolutionary new Out! Petcare brand stain and odor cleaning product. Given the highly-innovative concept, the Out! brand team questioned consumer acceptance and understanding:

•  Would consumers follow proper use instructions to achieve optimal results?

•  How would they feel about the revolutionary application method?

•  Did the product seem like a good value compared to conventional alternatives?

•How would consumers assess this?

A first-of-its kind quant-qual research methodology was developed to both measure and more fully understand consumers’ reactions, expectations and assumptions, with the intent of driving rapid evolution of the concept. The research team comprised Slaughter Branding of Dallas, TX, Rocket ROI of Boulder, CO and 20|20 Research of Nashville, TN.
To read the full case study, please download this PDF: 2020_VI_Case Study

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