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About 20|20

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Easy and Agile Insights for Every Research Challenge.

At 20|20, part of the Schlesinger Group family of companies, we believe in the power of giving consumers a voice. That’s why our team has spent 30+ years simplifying ways to connect researchers with consumers, helping them uncover the insights that matter most. Along the way, we’ve pioneered methods and tools used worldwide for qualitative research. With our unique combination of expertise, services and technology, we make it easy for our clients, helping them prioritize the insights that will make them shine.

Our Core Values

We’re a people-driven business. Throughout the organization, you’ll find knowledgeable, creative and curious individuals who are living our values, inspired to help others, and dedicated to serving our clients.


We’re eager to know the whole story and compelled to ask questions.  Not satisfied with the status quo, we strive to continually improve through understanding. 


There is no room here for over-inflated egos. We have pride in ourselves and our work but also know when to listen and ask questions. 


We think critically and put mental horsepower into all we do. We understand the client’s need or a teammate’s problem and proactively seek solutions.


We show genuine interest in our work and colleagues.  We support our teammates and clients in their efforts. We are kind. 


We display clear and genuine passion for what we do. We are excited about 20|20, our industry and our plans for the future.  We share our excitement with others sincerely.


We want to help others and find joy in that pursuit. We are a thriving part of our personal and professional communities.  We know our strengths and enjoy sharing them.


We are tenacious, unflappable, resilient and not easily deterred.  We never back down from a challenge. We work hard to do the right thing.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

We believe that companies and the people who work in them have an obligation to be a part of the broader community and inspire change. We simply call it Doing Good.

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